Why You Need A Healthy Home System In Brooklyn MI

Here at Michigan Valley Homes we serve the Brooklyn MI area and want to help every customer achieve the highest quality of living possible. In order to achieve this we believe in not only great personal health, but also the health of the space that you live in. Having a Healthy Home makes all other aspects of life easier to tackle. Coming home after a long day, to a home that is running effortlessly and efficiently is something many don’t think of, but makes all of the difference.

People often ask, how do I improve the overall health of my home? Is it worth the investment? Which are great questions and the exact reason why MVH is here. Whether you are remodeling, building new or just upgrading your current systems. There are a ton of ways to make your home more comfortable, efficient, and balanced. Below are some steps you can take to begin creating a Healthy Home System.

Air tightness

Be confident that all that warm or cold air that you’re paying for isn’t escaping. There are many different ways to assure your home is sealed and as airtight as possible. From doors to ductwork make sure you are getting the most out of your heat and air.

Thermal breaks

When building a new home, it is important to construct it in a way that minimizes the chance of thermal breaks to occur. Diminishing the chance of thermal breaks allows for sustained heat or cooling with less resistance from environmental effects.

Whole house heat recovery ventilation

Recovery Ventilation is a perfect way to breath fresh air all year without having to deal with annoying drafts and skyrocketing heating and cooling bills. Ideal for tight and humid homes, a whole house heat recovery ventilation system may be a tool that can turn those large bills into savings throughout the year.

Sealed combustion appliance

By purchasing sealed combustion appliances for your home you will not only be saving money due to higher efficiency, but you will also be increasing the overall safety of your home. By switching the way in which appliances use air the possibility of accidents greatly decreases, and allows you run multiple parts of your home efficiently.  

Zoned heating and cooling

Zoned heating and cooling is a modern phenomenon that is taking the home building industry by storm. Being able to control the temperature of individual rooms and sections of your home allows for everyone to have their personal preferences met. All while saving you money in the long run, because why pay to heat an entire house when you only use a select number of rooms.


Insulation may seem like an incredibly basic way to increase the health of your home, but is something that can be majorly overlooked during construction. Making sure that the is there is the perfect barrier between you and the outside world is the number one way to help your home out and make sure that you will be saving the most money.

Proper supervision, education and training of the trades

Much like vehicles you can spend as much money as you’d like on your home, but it won’t make it perfect without changes to the owner.  Having the knowledge of what is in your home and how it all works could be the difference between simple maintenance and massive repairs.  Once you are living as efficient as home you’ll be well on your way to incredible savings and your very own healthy home system.